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Do you know exactly what to do if you come across a snake or get bitten? 


Run?  Kill it?  Scream for help?   Bandage then call 000, or call 000 then bandage.....?    Did


What if a big spider bit you as you were moving the bins and you started to experience strange symptoms?


Take the guess work out of it all and make sure your staff and families know the facts.  Julian and his team bring over 45 years experience and provide you with all the current facts, figures, treatments and skills as well as the understanding of the WHS risks and responsibilities required to remain safe in areas where venomous animals and snakes are found. 


And, for those who need that bit more, Julian will take you through our government recognised certified course on how to safely and effectively remove venomous snakes - WITHOUT touching them.  (He'll also help you through the paperwork process required to register with your state department)


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