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Julian Craig and his team provide training nationwide for:
  • organisations with staff who have the chance of encountering a snake or other venomous animals at work
  • communities wanting to learn the facts and remain safe.

With over 26 years of experience in public speaking and professional presenting, over 48 years of studying and keeping snakes in 3 countries and more than 10 years spent training thousands of people across Australia on how to stay safe around them, safely move them on and what to really do when you come up against one, Julian brings a professionalism to the industry previously unseen.


He first began studying snakes as a young boy while living in the USA in 1970 for a year or so after moving from PNG where he was born.  He kept his first truly venomous snake, a Death Adder,  whilst living in a remote village in PNG when he went back in 1972 with his family.  He has studied and kept snakes from Australia, PNG and North America ever since.


"People still don't know what to do if they get bitten, and that's frightening." says Julian

Venomuos Animals Awareness Sessions
  • 4 hr sessions for up to 25 

  • WHS compliance training for staff in areas where snakes are also found

  • Current First Aid 

  • Live snake demonstration


Snake Relocation Certificate

To catch and relocate a snake in Australia, permits and licenses are required.  In order to obtain one of these, you need approved training.  Our certified course is recognised Ausrtalia wide.

Things That Bite'n Sting Community Sessions

Communities need to know what to do as well.  These 2.5hr sessions are great for families and children, de-mything the stories about snakes and making sure you have the facts in your hands.  A great fun session!

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