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Global projects

Julian and Rebecca Craig are a part of an exciting international team that has been working on a series of projects to resolve the serious global snakebite issue recognised by the World Health Organisation as the 3rd largest neglected tropical disease in the world.

We have been working energetically and intensively together to identify and provide sustainable global solutions for ongoing concerns including:

  • treatments - exciting new projects with Dr. Jim Poscillico (USA), polymer expert and developer

  • effective snakebite first aid - new equipment for post bite treatment

  • the global anti-venom crisis - sustainable solutions for the continual and plentiful supply of quality and affordable anti-venom

  • restoring and rebuilding communities

  • preventative actions

  • education

We are very excited by our team and relief we will be providing.

We will keep you all in touch via our newsletter and Facebook page as developments occur.

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